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How they operate

In Rotterdam, parking control is done by so called Scan cars. This vehicle circulates the city centre checking whether vehicles are parked according to local regulations. Any vehicle identified that is in breach of relevant parking regulations is fined.

Frequently asked questions

My vehicle was registered with a valid parking or visitor permit

Please forward us the valid parking or visitor permit that was used at the time of the issued fine. Once we receive the information, we will ask Rotterdam for a review. Their decision will thereafter be forwarded to you.

For general information about permits in Rotterdam, please visit

I stopped but did not park my vehicle

The municipality of Rotterdam municipality uses scan cars  to check whether people park with a valid parking ticket and whether they have paid enough parking fees.

The vehicle has been registered “stopped longer then permitted”, therefore a fine was issued.

If you still believe the fine was issued incorrectly, please request a manual review.

I have paid but entered a wrong vehicle license registration number

It is the responsibility of the payer of the parking ticket to input the correct license plate number. Only in rare cases and for first time errors, Rotterdam can make an exception to this rule.

More information about the parking rules here at More information about the parking rules here at

My vehicle has not been parked at the location referenced in the fine

Very rarely, the scan car registers the wrong license plate number. Please request a manual review.

I have paid with another payment option such as mobile phone payment

Please forward us proof of payment and we will manually review your case.

Fines issued to vehicles registered outside of the Netherlands is forwarded to Parkiapay.

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